Brussels Military Airport 'Brumil'

Important information

Please note: Brussels Military Airport WILL NOT coordinate civilian handling services on behalf of the requesting operator.

MELSBROEK Wing Operations EBMB

Commercial Tel (24/7): + 32 2 44 29 577
FAX (unsecure only): + 32 2 44 39 767

Brussels Military Airport Frequencies: UHF: 267,525 VHF: 131,880

  • Dress code: the use of FLUO SAFETY JACKETS is MANDATORY on the BRUMIL APRON
  • Please send the PPR Request NOT LATER THAN 48Hrs prior ETA via the link below.
  • All aircraft with destination Brussels Military Airport (Melsbroek Airbase) shall file Flight plan destination EBMB. Flight plan shall include EBMBZPZX in addressees list.
  • Please check both military and civilian NOTAM, in particular NOTAM M2323/20
Type of service Company Phone E-mail
+32 2 723 06 97
+32 2 788 32 64
Fuel BAS
+32 2 751 53 00
+32 2 751 74 00
Catering LSG Skychefs
+32 2 723 72 64
+32 2 720 78 60


  • 06:00L – 20:00L: standard Brumil handling services for arriving aircraft.
  • 08:00L – 22:00L: standard Brumil handling services for departing aircraft.
  • 22:00L – 06:00L: limited Brumil handling services.

Weekends and official holidays: limited Brumil handling services.

Follow-me, parking, trash disposal, stairs (*), GPU (*), cargo load/offload (*), refueling (max 20T) (*), deicing (*), immigration and customs, check-in, security control.
Not included: push-back, flushing, catering, taxi services, water.
(*) Military aircraft only: civilian operators should order these services through civilian handling agents at Brussels International Airport (see contact list next page).

Follow-me, parking and trash disposal only.
All other handing services are NOT available and should be ordered by the operator (mil & civ) through civilian handling agents at Brussels International Airport (see contact list next page).

PPR form

Please complete all fields in the PPR form and click the 'Submit PPR Request' button to send the form through to Wing Operations.
We will acknowledge receipt and we will process your request. If granted, we will provide you with a PPR number by reply.